Review: Avalanche by Cambria Hebert


Title: Avalanche (BearPaw Resort #1)
Author: Cambria Hebert
Release date: March 26th 2018

Amazon US // UK // FR


Don’t get caught in the surge.

Through a bullet hole in a wall, I watch a man bleed to death.
Those responsible think their crime died with the victim, until I identify them.
What’s a girl to do when she’s being hunted by murderers
witness protection can’t even stop?
My only refuge is a place I vowed to never go again.
When it’s do or die, an eight-year-old heartache suddenly seems trivial.
Besides, he won’t be there anyway.
But he is.
Turns out my old pain feels brand new the second his eyes meet mine.
I can’t leave. I can’t stay.
This snowy town that’s supposed to be my shelter
suddenly exposes me more than before.
With no one else to lean on, Liam becomes my lifeline.
Now we’re both running for our lives,
trying not to get swept away.

Before I read the synopsis I thought Avalanche was going to be like this: a group of people went on an expedition in the mountain, an avalanche happened and they are the only two survivor. I thought we were going to follow their journey, how they survived, how they fell in love, etc… well it wasn’t that ^^

What a wonderful start to a new series. The BearPaw Resort series will be an 8 books series with the first one being Avalanche.

The prologue is one of the most powerful one I read since a long time. You met Bellamy, she goes see her father she didn’t see since 3 years. She finds him strange and her father after talking for a few tells her that he did some bad things and that she needs to hide before they arrived. Bellamy saw her father being murdered by two men. Fastforward a year, Bella is now under the witness protection program until the men who killed her father find her again and leading her to escape. After a long bus ride, she arrives in the BearPaw Resort, in Caribou, Colorado, where she once fell in love and where her heart was broken. Who also is in Caribou? Liam! Liam is a snowboarding instructor. He still remember this girl he fell in love with and disappeared.

The promise seems simple: girl and boy loved each other when they were young, one of them left, they saw each other years later and fell in love again. This story is so much more than that. Yes the romance between Liam and Bellamy is one of the important point in this story but the rest is awesome. I love the dark side of this story, the involvement of the mob. It adds so much to the story and it also allowed their relationship to grew so much.

While I immediately loved Liam, he is such a loving, charming man, I had a harder time liking Bellamy. Sometimes she was this badass girl who could defend herself and I loved her. But other time she was just this fragile girl that I wasn’t a fan of. I can understand the two side of her with what she lived through. And in the end I liked her a lot, it helped that when she is with Liam, her best side is coming through. One of the force of this book is the secondary character. I loved Alex so so much! I hope we will have one or more books about him. I don’t really like comparing book of the same author but the relationship between Liam/Alex reminds me so much of Romeo/Braeden from the hashtag series. All this bromance and all. Loving that so much!

I thought I was going to threw by book through the window when I reached the end! I want the next book right now! I want to know what will happen to Liam and Bellamy! I want to read how their relationship will reach the next level. Yes I can say it, I am already addicted to this new series and I am not even surprised seeing as it was written by Cambria Hebert.

Talking about Cambria Hebert, her writing is still so pleasant to read. I can’t reading her books when I start one. I just get addicted and can’t put the book down. And Avalanche wasn’t an exception. I wish I could have all the books at once and binge read them ^^. I obviously can’t wait to read more about this series and will patiently wait for the next one!

It isn’t my favourite book from Cambria Hebert (my favourite will always be #Nerd because it’s the book that introduced me to Cambria Hebert’s universe) but Avalanche is a very closed one. And never say never, maybe book 2 will dethrone #Nerd!

Cover:  5 ⭐                           Enjoyment:  4.75 ⭐
Writing:  4.75 ⭐                       Characters: 4.75  ⭐
Plot:  4.5 ⭐                              Pairing: 4.5  ⭐

                                                                           Average: 4.65  ⭐


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