Review: Lead Me Home by A.L. Jackson


Title: Lead Me Home (Fight For Me #3)
Author: A.L. Jackson
Release date: May 7th 2018

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Fight For Me series reviews: Show Me The Way // Follow Me Back

Fourteen years ago, my life changed forever.
My sister disappeared. That day I was selfish. That day I chose myself over her. And that day, I lost everything.
Including Nikki Walters.
She’s the girl I’ve loved my whole life. She’s gorgeous. Caring. Every single thing I’ve ever wanted but denied myself. She was my sister’s best friend, and I destroyed any chance of keeping her.
When her safety is threatened, I have a second chance to do the right thing. But as soon as she moves in, I want her in all the wrong ways.
All it takes is a brush of her hand, and I’m losing all control.
The fire between us is only burning hotter.
But neither of us saw what was coming.
And it just might be Nikki Walters who destroys me in the end.
The highly anticipated sexy, suspenseful stand-alone second-chance romance from NYT Bestselling Author, A.L. Jackson.

Lead Me Home is the third book of the Fight For Me series. The first two book being, Show Me The Way and Follow Me Back. So far, I think this series is the best A.L. Jackson wrote. Her writing style is another level in those books. I loved the first two books, Follow Me Back is my favourite so far and let me tell you why Lead Me Home won’t take its place.

Lead Me Home is the story of Oliver and Nikki. They both met through Oliver’s sister Sydney when they were children, the first day of school of Sydney and Nikki. They immediately became bestfriends and formed an inseparable trio with Oliver. The year Nikki and Sydney turned 16, something terrible happened. Sydney disappeared and they never saw her again. This tragedy changed Oliver and Nikki forever. They started as bestfriend and now they are strangers. Until one night, on the day of Sydney’s disappearance anniversary, Oliver went to see Nikki, a mistake for both of them but a mistake that will change everything.

Lead Me Home is written in the present tense but to live experience and know more about their past, some chapters are written during some key point of their growth. As I always said, I am not a huge fan of  past tense chapters because for me it’s cutting the story but in some cases, like this book for example, it is a necessary to really understand what happened and to really feel it. I won’t reveal too much of the story or about the characters because you have to go blind into this story to enjoy it at its fullest.

As you can imagine, Oliver took the disappearance of her sister the hardest. He swore to his parents to he would protect his little sister and still something happened to her. After 14 years, the guilt is still her and even if the police called his sister’s case a « cold case » he is still looking for what happened and who hurt his sister.
Throughout the book, Oliver broke my heart. He is a broken man, still living in the past. For him, he failed his sister and he doesn’t deserve to be happy.  He is what you can call an overprotective hero when it concerned his friends and their family.

Like Oliver, Nikki thinks that if Sydney disappeared that day, she is at fault. Nikki is studying psychology and she is in her last internship. She works with a counsel group in a church for people who suffered abusive treatments. Even if she lived in guilt, she is still trying to live a life, a life her bestfriend would never have.

As I said at the beginning, the Fight For Me series is my favourite series from A.L. Jackson. It hits all the things I love in a romance books: great writing, amazing characters, great story and one of the most important thing, feelings. It is important to me to feel all the emotions the characters experience during the book to truly like a book. And this series delivers all of it.  Lead Me Home is about grief, forgiveness, second chance at love and « closure ».

So why Lead Me Home isn’t my favourite book of this series? Simple because, as much as I loved this book and its characters, as much as I loved all the twists, for me the ending was a little too nicely wrapped up and a little too fast. I mean in a matter of maybe 80 pages, Oliver forgives himself, they found what happened to Sydney and a lot of others things. That’s my only complain about this book. I wished all the closure took place a little earlier for it to be more believable. But just to be clear, it bothered me but it didn’t prevent me to really enjoy it.

So yes, Lead Me Home was a really great book, I feel for the characters, I was heartbroken with them and fell in love with them at the same time they fell in love with each others. Even if Lead Me Home can be read as a standalone, I really recommend you to read the first 2 books, you won’t be disappointed and it will be worth it.

Cover:  4 ⭐                           Enjoyment:  4.5 ⭐
Writing:  4.5 ⭐                       Characters: 4.5  ⭐
Plot:  4 ⭐                              Pairing: 4.5  ⭐

                                                                           Average: 4.4  ⭐



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