Review: Lucky Charmed by Sharla Lovelace


Title: Lucky Charmed (Charmed in Texas #2)
Author: Sharla Lovelace
Release date: July 18th 2017


Charmed, Texas, is as warm and welcoming as it sounds. But even in a small town, when it comes to love, sometimes you’ve got to take the bitter with the sweet . . .

Carmen Frost hates honey. And bees. And in her hometown of Charmed, Texas, which practically invented the stuff, that’s a problem. The good news is that the summer Honey Festival is finally over. Even better, so is the annual Lucky Hart carnival, a road show that made off with her dreams years ago—including the boy she loved. Now she’s got a divorce behind her, and a successful law career in front of her, but in a tiny town, big memories die hard. Or they don’t die at all—as Carmen discovers when she runs into an all too familiar pair of eyes—older, wiser, and just as heart-melting as ever . . .

Sully Hart has had enough of the nomad lifestyle. Travelling with his father’s carnival gave him adventures, but it cost him much more. Now he’s home to stay, contracted to create an entertainment complex in Charmed. He wants roots, a house with a yard and all the mundane pleasures that go with it. But the girl he loved has become a woman who still wants freedom. Can she still want him? It seems he and Carmen are at each other’s throats one minute—and on each other’s lips the next. Someone’s gotta give . . .

Lucky Charmed is the second book of the Charmed in Texas series by Sharla Lovelace. I think each book can be technically read as standalone but you will enjoy them more of you read them in order.

The Characters

Carmen: 33 years old, lawyer, lived in Charmed all her life. Met Sullivan Hart aka Sully when she was 18 years old. They met during a summer when Sully’s carnival was in Charmed. He left her without an explications one day. She then married, Dean, the mayor of Charmed but divorced him because he was basically a jerk.

Sully: 35 years old, worked in a carnival when he met Carmen when they were younger. He is the investor of Lucky Charm, a park that will open in Charmed. He returned to Charmed 15 years after he last saw Carmen, to call this city home. Carmen and Sully have matching tattoos.

My thoughts

I don’t know if it’s because I had very high expectations for Carmen and Sully’s story or if it wasn’t a good time for me to read Lucky Charmed but I liked this book a little less than A Charmed Little Lie. I didn’t dislike it, I really liked it, but I had a hard time getting invested in Sully and Carmen’s story.

And their story felt a little incomplete (?). We don’t know if Lucky Charm worked, how it turned out. I wish we also had more pages with Sully and Carmen together… like maybe an epilogue with their life a few weeks/months after. I know we will see them in book 3 but it won’t be the same. And I wish we knew more about Carmen’s dad.

Anyway I really liked the small town second chance romance. It’s kind of slow paced and full of (sexual) tension. It’s a book that can easily be read an afternoon at the beach. I am so excited about book 3 because it’s Bash and Allie’s story!!

Anyway, even if Lucky Charm was a little disappointed, I still really liked it and would recommend this series to anyone who likes small town romance and/or second chance romance.

Cover:  3.5 ⭐️                           Enjoyment:  4 ⭐️
Writing:  4 ⭐️                       Characters: 4  ⭐️
Plot:  3.5 ⭐️                              Pairing: 4  ⭐️

                                                                           Average: 3.9  ⭐️


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