Review: Bad Penny by Staci Hart


Title: Bad Penny
Author: Staci Hart
Release date: June 15th 2017


Nothing good comes after the third date.
Date three is the crucial point when things get real, which is exactly why I bounce out the door, twiddling my fingers at whatever poor boy I’ve left behind. Because if I stick around, one of three things will happen: he’ll profess his undying love, he’ll get weird and stalky, or I’ll go crazy. Like, Sid and Nancy crazy. Like, chase-him-through-the-streets-begging-him-to-love-me crazy.
Seriously, it’s better for everyone this way.
So when I meet Bodie, I figure it’ll be the same as it ever was. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t put a single string on me. Doesn’t matter that he’s funny and smart and jacked or that he can play my body like a grand piano. Because even though I’m built for love, love has only carved me up like a Christmas ham.
Resistance is something I can only hang on to for so long, and he has persistence in spades. But my heart isn’t as safe as I want to believe, and neither is his. And the second I ignore my cardinal rule is the second I stand to lose him forever.

Bad Penny is a standalone novel but it is a companion book to Tonic. We find in Bad Penny the same group of people than in Tonic. So if you wanted to read Tonic one day, you might start by this one before reading Bad Penny.

The Characters

Penny: She is a tattoo artist at Tonic. She is funny, she loves her life as she is: without emotional attachment. All the guys she met before wanted to present her to his parents, to ask her in marriage or to live together. So she has a three date rules: at date 3 she says goodbye to the guy. She got hurt in high school by her boyfriend at that time: he used her for two years, that’s why she doesn’t want to get attach to guys. 

Bodie: He came to New York a few weeks. With his twin brother and one of their friends they are creating a demo of their video game. They worked on it since they were in high school and hoped that some major company will help them to create their game. He was so nice to Penny now or when they were in high school, he was the guy always there for her when she was sad. I loved how he was with Penny in this story, always going at her rythm, never going too fast in their relationship.

As a couple, they were really cute and complementary.

The Story (might countain little spoilers)

Penny and Bodie met at an ice-cream parlor. Penny was with her two friends and roommates, Bodie was with his twin and his friend. They saw each others and they feel something at that time. Then Penny and her friends decided to go to a circus theme bar and who they met here? Body! They stay at the bar 5 minutes before they decided to go home to sleep together. But Bodie recognize her almost immediately as the girl he had a crush on when they were in high school. He said nothing at first but just after they did their business he told her that he was at the same high school as her. It’s at that moment that Penny recognize Bodie as the awkward kid  who was « friend » with her high school boyfriend. Anyway, their story starts at that time with Bodie being happy that he met again his high school crush and wanted a relationship with her and Penny wanted just something uncomplicated, without feelings. And you might guessed it, nothing will go as they want!

My thoughts

To be honest, I picked this book because of the cover. I think the cover is so so beautiful. I didn’t even read the synopsis. And I was really surprised! I had loved one of her previous book, Tonic, but wasn’t a big fan of A Thousand Letters. So I knew that I had a chance to not like this book.

And I really enjoyed this book! I loved the writing style, it was so fluid. I like the story, it wasn’t too much dramatic, I liked how real the characters were. I liked to read again about the Tonic tattoo parlor. I missed Joel and Annika and was so happy to read a little about them again.  Really I really had a great time reading this book, I read it nearly in one seating.

After reading Bad Penny I really want to read her other books and I think I will try With a Twist (Bad Habit #1) and see if I liked it.

Cover:  4 ⭐️                           Enjoyment:  4 ⭐️
Writing:  4 ⭐️                       Characters: 4  ⭐️
Plot:  4 ⭐️                              Pairing: 4  ⭐️

                                                                           Average: 4  ⭐️

Bad Penny was definitely a solid 4 stars out of 5. I can’t wait to read Staci Hart’s next work!


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