Review: Ruckus by L.J. Shen

e8493-ljsruckusbookcover6x9_bw_mediumTitle: Ruckus (Sinners of Saint #2)
Author: L.J Shen
Release date: May 26th 2017


My review of book 1 Vicious: here



They say that life is a beautiful lie and death a painful truth. They’re right.
No one has ever made me feel more alive than the guy who serves as a constant reminder that my clock is ticking.
He is my forbidden, shiny apple. The striking fallacy to my blunt, raw, truth.
He is also my sister’s ex-boyfriend.
One thing you should know before you judge me;
I saw him first. I craved him first. I loved him first.
Eleven years later, he waltzes into my life, demanding a second chance.
Dean Cole wants to be my bronze horseman.
But my clock is ticking. See, I’m not like the rest. I have an illness.
Sometimes I conquer it.
Sometimes it conquers me.
My white knight has finally arrived.
Hopefully, he isn’t too late.

I honestly don’t know where to start with this review. I loved it so so much! If you have read my review of Vicious you know that this book is one of my favourite book of this year, I loved it and I didn’t know how I would feel about book 2. I had high expectations about Ruckus and I was afraid to not like it as much as Vicious. And believe it or not, I loved Ruckus more than Vicious, how is it possible?!

« He wasn’t Sirius. He was planet Earth. He was oxygen. He was everything »

Ruckus was a rollarcoaster! I laughed, I cried, I hoped for everything to end well and see Dean and Rosie have their HEA, I hated some characters, well I felt a hundred different emotions.
It is better to read Vicious before reading Ruckus. There are talks about things that happenend in Vicious and to have all the background. I guess you could read it as a standalone but you would appreciate Ruckus so much more if you read Vicious first. And you won’t regret it!

« You’re going to get better for me so Earth won’t explode. Can you do that, Sirius? »

Anyway, if you have read Vicious, you already met Dean and Rosie. Dean aka Ruckus is friend with Vicious and went out with Rosie’s sister Millie in book 1 (Millie who became Vicious’ wife, are you following? ^^). At first, Dean appears like a huge manwhore (he is one), all alpha-male and so sure of himself. But we really are discovering him in Ruckus. He is a lovely character, I completely fell in love with him. He is so much more than what we saw in Vicious, he is loving, touching, you just want to hug him and tell him everything will be alright.
Rosie is Millie’s sister. If you don’t remember her, we met her in Vicious and learnt that she was sick. She has cystic fibrosis, a lung disease and knows that her life will be cut short. She doesn’t want a relationship because it would be more people she will leave behind. I have a crush on Rosie. She is this independant woman, who left California for New York to leave with her sister and then by herself.  She has enough to be babied because she is sick. I loved her character really and I think Dean and her make the most gorgeous couple and they just fit.

As much as I loved Dean and Rosie, I disliked their parents. Rosie’s parent for how they treated their daughter, always making her feel guilty. It was like they didn’t want her to live her life and be happy by her own, they prefered her to be with them because of her sickness. I honestly can understand that, it must be so difficult for parent to see their daughter sick but at the end, all we want is for them to be happy right? At the end they were a little better but they weren’t my favourite…
and Dean’s parents, well it was complicated. I won’t tell much about them but I didn’t like the father but really liked his mother.

If you don’t like complicated, angst story, Ruckus might not be your cup of tea. They have a lot of things to deal with, Rosie’s disease, Dean’s past but the hard moments make their couple so stronger and beautiful.

« If there is no you, then there is no me »

And I love the twist at the end, I didn’t see it coming! I also cried like a baby at the last chapter before the epilogue. I also really loved how, everytime something was going to happen, we have a chapter about the past. Let’s be honest, when you read the book it’s frustrating because you want to know what will happen but it make the tension grow and it also make us understand Dean and Rosie better.

It’s been a while since I loved a series this much and I can’t wait to read book 3, Scandalous. I guess it’s  about Trent and maybe Edie? I can’t wait to know more about him and baby Luna.

I am sorry if my review isn’t making any sense. I just finished Ruckus and my feeling are everywhere but I don’t want to write my review a few days later and forgot things. Even if let’s be honest, I don’t tell more about the story, you really have to enter it blind, you will appreciate the book so much more. I didn’t even read the synopsis before reading Ruckus. I saw LJ Shen and book 2 of Sinners of Saints and I was sold!

LJ Shen has a things with words, let me tell you. I love her writing style, I love her stories, I just love everything. I still need to read the prequel, Defy, about Jamie because I am so intrigued about Jamie and Melody’s story.

PS: I am a huge fan of astronomy so I was so happy to read a lot of reference about it.

Time to rate Ruckus, as I said one of my favourite of 2017:

Cover: 4  ⭐️                           Enjoyment: 5  ⭐️
Writing: 5  ⭐️                       Characters: 4.5  ⭐️
Plot: 5  ⭐️                              Pairing: 5  ⭐️

Average: 4,9  ⭐️



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