Review: Catching Carly -Emma Hart

33514283Title: Catching Carly (Barley Cross #2)
Author: Emma Hart
Release date: March 7th 2017


My name is Carly Porter… And I’m really good at bad decisions.

How do I know this, exactly? Well, not including the time I accidentally bleached my eyebrows or sprained my ankle changing a lightbulb…
I had sex with my best friend’s brother.
Zeke Elliott has been a thorn in my side for eleven years. A very sexy, very tempting, very freaking annoying one. With big…hands.
And now my clitoris has a crush on the guy.
Seriously. I can’t look at him without my vagina performing accidental kegels. Which would be fine, but he’s Cain’s brother. I hate him. He’s off limits, right?

Catching Carly is the second book of the Barley Cross series. The first book, Being Brooke, is following Brooke and Cain. You absolutely have to read Being Brooke, this book is so damn funny!

« I am neve wrong. I’m a woman. It’s a universally accepted truth that, as a woman, when I’m right, I’m right, and when I’m wrong, I’m right then, too »

In Catching Carly you are following Carly, bestfriend to Cain and Brooke, and Zeke, Cain’s brother.
If I thought Brooke was crazy in book one, Carly was worse, in a good way! She was so funny. I loved her, lover her character, love how dirty mouth, she was awesome! Yes she made me laugh but she also touch my heart because she had some « emotional » difficulty with her friends at the beginning and I could understand her, because it’s not really easy to be the third wheel in a friendship when the other two are a couple.
Zeke was calmer then Carly. He had an awful experience with love, like disastrous, that cause him to have some trust issues. Don’t get me wrong the guy was funny too. I totally fell for him. If he was real, he could come home anytime.

« Put them away, Ezekiel! Your abs make me feel like a cat with a laser pen »

And oh my god when these two were together, that was explosive. Even before they get together, their « friendship » was the perfect definition for sexual tension. Like really, everytime they were in a room together I thought they were going to jump each other ^^. I love enemies to lovers book, they are my favorite kind, and this one didn’t disappoint. Well for the most part, but I will talk about it at the end of the review.

There were also some really really funny situation. I am thinking about Zeke helping Carly escaping her date at the restaurant but let’s not forget the birthday scene with Carly’s grandma, just epic. It was so funny seeing her escaping through the window ahah. In a more romantic way, I loved the scene at the beach, it was really sweet. And the scene at New Orleans, I wish I could visit this part of the USA one day. This city looks so awesome, even more during the carnival period.

As always, Emma Hart’s writing was awesome. I love her style, she isn’t afraid to approach any subjects and she does it so well (I am talking about the monthly situation, we girls know so well). And the little detail that make each chapters a little more funny were so life goal, that’s really a nice touch.

Now let’s talk about the things I didn’t like. For some reason, I had a hard time entering this story. I needed 4 or 5 chapters before really liking it. It might be because I wasn’t in the mood but it took me a little time to feel like I was really enjoying myself reading this book. And for me, the big downside of this book is the ending. It’s not a bad ending, it just felt unfinished? Rushed? I didn’t feel like we had a closure to the story. Adding an epilogue would have been nice just to conclude the story.

Anyway, time to rate this book. I really enjoyed myself reading this book, it was funny, easy to read, lovely characters. It was a book I needed at that time. So for the joy this book bought me, I will give a 4/4.5 out of 5 stars. I can’t wait to read Mellie’s story!


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