Review: Wardrobe Malfunction – Samantha Towle


Title: Wardrobe Malfunction
Author: Samantha Towle
Release date: February 18th 2017


From New York Times bestselling author, Samantha Towle, comes a new standalone romantic comedy.

Vaughn West, Hollywood heartthrob, has been at the top of his game for years. He thinks he’s untouchable—until a betrayal brings him spiraling down. Now, everyone pities him, and if there’s one thing Vaughn hates, it’s pity. 

After a few months of working his way through every available actress, pop star, model, and waitress in California, Vaughn needs to get his life back on track and focus on what he does best—making hit movies. 

Charlotte Michaels is in love. Just not with one person. 
Louis Vuitton…
Christian Dior…
And the list goes on. 

Sadly, Charly’s limited bank account doesn’t allow her those luxuries, and the closest she gets are lucky finds in charity shops and working closely with some of those names in her job as a wardrobe assistant. 

Now, Charly has landed the mother of all jobs—working on the new Vaughn West movie. Excited doesn’t even cut it.

Only things don’t go as planned, and it turns out that Vaughn is actually a jerk. A hot jerk, but a jerk nonetheless.

So, why do their clothes keep falling off whenever they’re around each other? And why can’t Charly keep her mind in the closet and off Vaughn? 

Getting mixed up with a smart-mouthed, fashion-obsessed wardrobe assistant is the last thing Vaughn needs.

Getting mixed up with an arrogant, self-centered, obnoxious, jumped-up actor who has a lack of respect for fashion is the last thing Charly needs.

Things are about to get hot, dirty, and messy in Hollywood. Very messy. Especially if Charly’s closely guarded secret falls out of her closet

Oh guys! I just find one of my favourite book of 2017! Seriously you need this book in your life if you love romance and awesome hero/heroine.
This book has it all, awesome characters, great story, really good writing and all that awesome felling you feel when you read a good book. It was my perfect book to read on Valentine’s day!

Okay, let’s start from the beginning. In the prologue, you meet Weston a TV show to promote a film he did with his girlfriend and his bestfriend. All turn to hell when he learnt live that his girlfriend cheated on him! Well, as you can guess, he didn’t take that news well and starts partying and sleeping with lots and lots of girl until he got a call that will change his life.

« I’ll be wearing an I’m sleeping with her T-shirt, you know, just so everyone knows we’re scr*wing »

West meet our heroine Charly, an wardrobe assistant, on his new movie set. And let’s just say that their first meeting was not all for the best. That’s here that Charly got her nickname Pin (and it was well find, liked her nickname). Their first meeting was epic! Loved how they met and what went after. Their love story was really lovely, I really liked following their journey to their HEA.

I am not going to let you more about the story because I don’t like spoiling people but if you are looking for an easy read (in a positive way) without drama, that will make you smile and love every characters, Wardrobe Malfunction is for you. Even if West was a jackass sometimes I loved him and I loved Charly’s way to answer West. Go girl! Don’t let you impress by movie star West! She was such a selfless character, I really loved what she did for her bestfriend. I was at the same time afraid of the reveal of the big secret and I kind of knew that it wouldn’t be so bad.

Also love West’s grandma, she was so funny, and in general West’s entire familiy was so loving, his sisters, his nephews/niece and his parents, and let’s not forget the puppy. And let’s not forget West’s friends Gabe and Julian, Charly’s friends Nick and Ava and Logan! I hope we will have a book about Gabe/Ava and Julian/Logan, it could be some awesome books to read. Also about Natasha and Carter (I don’t know if a book already exist about them, but I will check Samantha Towle’s other books).

« I’m just a normal guy who’s in love with an extraordinary girl »

Finally the epilogue. It was a very sweet, very lovely epilogue. That’s why I loved West so much, it was the cutest thing. I am such a big fan of epilogue and when they are this great it’s even better. This book just put a smile on my face while I was reading it. What can I ask more about a book?

So no surprise if I tell you that Wardrobe Malfunction is a 5 stars out of 5 read for me. I really can’t wait to add this book on my bookshelf.



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