Review: #BLUR – Cambria Hebert


Title: #BLUR (GearShark #4)
Author: Cambria Hebert
Release date: January 10th 2017


There’s a new kid in town, and he’s hell on wheels.
From what we’ve heard, it may be because
he knows exactly what hell’s like.
You may know his brother,
the NRR hotshot
(and former GearShark cover model)
It’s only natural a driver with
his background and family connections
has sped his racecar
into the newest, hottest division.
But that’s not all.
Arrow may be following in big bro’s tread marks,
but he doesn’t plan to stay there.
He’s swerving onto the road less traveled…
and a lot more controversial.
he’s opening up about his private struggles with sexuality
to tell a story that’s gone unheard until now.
One thing’s for sure; Arrow may have a painful past,
but his foot is heavy on the accelerator.
With speed like this, he’s bound to leave everything behind
nothing but a #blur.

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Let me tell you this first, Cambria Hebert you blew me away with this book. I mean I loved all the books from the GearShark series, really, but this one has that little something that make this book even better.

#Blur is about Arrow and Hopper. We met Arrow in previous books of the series, he is also Lorhaven’s brother. How can you not love Arrow? In previous books, I was always curious about his past and what happened to him. We also met Hopper in previous books but we knew nothing about him, he was a total enigma before this book.

Both Arrow and Hopper (yeah I will not use their real names for reasons you will find reading this book) had a terrible past. Each of them lived a tragedy that changed them and made them cautious about love. I am not a huge of chapter being set in the past, but with #Blur it was a necessity. It hurts me to read about what happened. Like I said, reading about Arrow’s past and Hopper’s past hurt me.

This story was a beautiful second chance at love love story. It was slow paced but I was so happy that they both find each other after all they went through. This book was more heavy emotionally speaking. In the previous 3 books there was a lot of humour that lightened up the mood, #Blur is a lot more « serious ». Each scenes in this book, each feelings have their places in this book. There is not a thing that is too much.

I just finished #Blur and I am at the same time happy because they finally find a happy ending but sad that they had to went through all of this to find it. Cambria Hebert outdid herself writing #Blur. The characters were raw and strong, loving and I liked that they stand for themselves.

I won’t tell more in this review because I think no word could express how I loved this book, and you really need to read it to feel it. I knew I would love Arrow and Hopper’s story and Cambria Hebert didn’t disappoint. Yes I didn’t think it would be it would be this heavy but I would not want it any other way. I loved this series and this book. Each book have a special spot in my heart. It might be excessive but they really do. I hoped more people knew about this series, it bring you so much emotions.

Let’s rate #Blur, you will not be surprised if I say I rate it 5 stars. Really a must read. I can’t wait to read Cambria Hebert’s next work and to have all of the Gearshark’s books on my bookshelf!

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